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Posted Sat 17 December 2016

What you must know about Blueair 503

The Blueair 503 is well formed from mineral components, rolls quickly on casters, and is manageable to use. A single rotary knob allows you to pick from 4 speeds. A blue LED implies the unit is on. The interface is a lot easier to utilize than that of the IQAir, which has an advisory,  more challenging, LCD show with various control buttons.

Filters are dead mild to alter and cost $155 a year. Just lift the top panel by raising and replace the three filter packets. One is on the front, and two are on the side. These filters are removed sealed with gaskets, but they apparently run well.

The Blueair 503 is not out its defects. I found myself accidentally passing the top panel while pushing it around. And the HEPA filters lack a prefilter, maybe decreasing the existence of the HEPA filters. Some enterprising individuals have added a DIY filter sheet across the filter intake.

The Blueair 503 serves a top-quality air purifier for combined particle and odor removal. Of the award three units checked, our company believes it's the very best value for multiple people needing extra air filtration than the Coway device.

The Blueair's 4.2 pounds of triggered carbon strength be enough to make a difference. When it comes to odor and molecular impurity elimination, absolutely nothing can beat the $539 Austin Air HealthMate Standard HM400.

It consists of 15 lbs. of synthetic sorbents, which assists it to eliminate smells, chemicals, and other little contaminants better than any other cleanser. It's ideal for those who live by roads, factories, farms, and other problematic conditions.

It not only includes a high 15 lbs. of sorbent material deals with a $215 filter that requires changing only as soon as every five years, which suggests it has the most affordable total five-year running costs of all the high-end cleansers we looked at $1,414, covering the cost of purchase. That's about $1,000 lower than the Blueair and about $2,000 less expensive than the IQAir.

Our screening showed that while the IQAir and BlueAir will decrease odors efficiently if granted time, the Austin Air will do so practically instantly.

The piece de resistance here though is the 15 lbs. of sorbent material. That's three times as much as the IQAir. Our screening proved to that while the IQAir and Blueair will decrease odors efficiently if given time, the Austin air purifier will do so almost instantly. Fifteen minutes after introducing the pollutant, the HealthMate decreased VOC levels down to 13% of their initial strength. That's 99% better than the second-place IQAir and 399% better than the control. No other purifier comes close in this regard, which is likely a large end Austin Air's cleansers were picked by FEMA and the Red Cross for deployment in the very hazardous aftermath of 9/11.

As far as construction and operation go, the HealthMate is sturdily developed from powder-coated sheet metal and is extremely simple to operate-- just handle a dial to the wanted setting, and you're ready to go. It's not the most excellent cleaner, but its blocky design isn't that much worse than, say, a small fridge or big subwoofer.

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